Monday, 24 August 2009

Round round baby (no, it's not a birth defect).

Our stated aim of bringing The Book to The People has been slightly delayed. We were on our way to the Audi dealership to order a fleet of new A6 estates, each one with a shiny and pointless chrome strip on the taligate, when we remembered that publishing was about people reading books, not lease cars, so we turned around and went home again. Once back home, talk turned to frisbees, and how great it would be if we actually had one. But who needs a frisbee when it is perfectly possible to cut a hole in a bucket lid and throw it around (yes, Swedish buckets do have lids, no, I don't know why). Five (approximately) prototypes later, we were having great fun that was spoiled only when the local trees decided that they wanted to play as well.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.


Sunday, 16 August 2009


This is the blog of Airborne Bacon Books, a company formed by John Parry and Tim Bishop in a moment of uncharacteristic lucidity. Its function is quite simply to bridge the gap between the warehouse and the audience for The Circle, a problem which was apparently insurmountable for other contenders for the job. Other titles will doubtless follow.

Of course, the other reason for having a company is to go on a fantastic ego trip, shag the secretary in the stationary cupboard and lose sight of all of one's original objectives. Until that inevitable point, however, we will be using this blog to showcase some of our ideas and philosophies.